• The Pot of Wellness Retreat

    A relaxing retreat in Sedona, AZ for people who want to learn about cannabis in a safe, luxurious environment with customized, credible information

  • Are You Ready to Feel WELL?

    It's clear that Cannabis is helping people in a lot of ways, but it's easy to get bogged down in the wealth of unverified information from questionable sources and the lack of realistic information about the risks and side effects.


    Products claiming to help you sleep better, move better, be less stressed, and even cure disease seem like snake oil sales - some legal to all adults, some require a card - but you're pretty sure there's some truth behind it all, if only you could make it work for you without spending a fortune.


    It's easy to get overwhelmed and confused about what to try and when, not to mention, it's complicated! Once you figure out what to get and where it can be SO expensive if you buy the wrong thing or make a mistake in trying to prepare or use it.

    I've Been There... I Get It

    • Maybe you're personally looking for more information about what types of Cannabis to use in which forms for which symptoms and when.
    • Maybe you're trying to find a solution that will help someone you know with a qualifying condition find wellness.
    • Maybe you're in a life-long battle with a painful or otherwise debilitating condition and you're hoping to decrease your use of pharmaceuticals.
    • Or maybe you're fighting cancer and need the best, most reliable information for your specific situation right now.


    Whatever your journey looks like, this weekend retreat is designed to give you total peace of mind AND save you thousands of dollars in experiments.


    Taking these 3 days to consult with an expert, try different options in a safe, judgement-free environment, and connect with people on the same journey is exactly what you need to step into wellness again.


    From Cannabis massage to a tincture-making course, full access to expert knowledge and a journal to help you track your results, this weekend will jumpstart your successful Cannabis journey in a luxurious, relaxed, informed, and safe place. Please note, this event is only for valid AZ MMJ card holders.


    You'll go home feeling rested, relaxed, and prepared to continue your wellness journey at home with a clear, specific plan in place and the knowledge you need to execute it.


    Get Ready for...

    Pot of Wellness Retreat



    Your Host will be Laura Mastropietro, Cannabis Chef and Consultant. The Pot of Wellness retreat will be your safe space to try new methods of using Cannabis for wellness, learn how to prepare your medicine in different ways, and get your questions answered, all with a luxurious Sedona vibe.


    In addition to the phenomenal setting of the retreat - with views, beautiful rooms, a well-appointed kitchen and gorgeous areas to relax, we'll provide all the medicine you'll need, all your meals, and materials to help you create your customized plan, along with the tools and lessons you need to experience different types of wellness applications.


    While this event will only be open to valid, AZMMJ card holders, we hope that future events will be open to all. If you need to get your card to attend the retreat, get in touch and we'll help you figure out how to get the process started.


    You deserve to have your wellness in your capable hands.


    Secure your spot now because the Early Birds who sign up before September 31st are guaranteed an EXTRA Swag bag worth over $500!

  • Let's Get Well in Style

    You've got options...



    • Two nights of luxury accommodations in a gorgeous 5 bedroom luxury vacation home in gorgeous Sedona, AZ with full access to the outdoor hot tub, firepit, pool and foosball table, and more.
    • Our Happy Hour by the fire pit on Friday evening, including fun cannatails, and hor d'oeuvres.
    • Delicious meals provided by a personal chef. In addition to hor d'oeuvres and dinner on Friday, your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are all provided on Saturday. On Sunday, you'll get a yummy brunch and snacks to fuel your trip home.
    • A rejuvenating spa treatment. You will get to choose a special spa treatment or two to enjoy during your stay and they can be medicated if you like!
    • In-depth courses on preparing your medicine from an expert Cannabis chef. No more edibles that are inedible. After these courses, you'll know exactly how to make exactly what you need for exactly when you need it in a way that works well for you. Plus, you'll take some home!
    • A full roster of extra options designed to help you fully relax while you find the answers you need for your wellness journey. Hikes, yoga, siteseeing, and dance classes will be offered and all associated logistics and costs will be completely included so you can safely show up and enjoy.
    • All the medications you'll need and more. We'll provide a variety of strains of medication in a variety of forms including flower, concentrates, edibles, and topicals. Not only will you have a chance to make and take some preparations for yourself, you'll have opportunity to try numerous options without having to buy them all separately. Because of this, the retreat is limited to valid AZ MMJ Card holders.
    • An on-site Cannabis consultant to lead you through refining your wellness plan. She’ll be on hand to answer any questions on dosing, preparations, effects, treatment regimens, legalities, etc.
    • Transportation to and from all excursions.
    • Ample quiet time for you to retreat from the crowd or chat in small groups.
    • A community of supportive, like-minded people who are on the same journey.
    • A welcome kit that includes answers to your questions, a packing list, logistics, etc. so you feel fully prepared in advance.
    • More than a few fun surprises and extra goodies!
  • The Schedule

    Let's Get Specific


    Meet and Greet

    4pm - 7pm Happy Hour

    7pm Welcome Introductions

    8pm Dinner

    You'll arrive to one of the world's most beautiful towns, Sedona Arizona, and settle in to your room in our luxurious retreat location. Then, a get to know you with a few other students and your weekend hosts. We'll share some appetizers, stories and materials while chef prepares dinner. Before bed we'll have opportunity to sample a variety of Cannabis preparations, time for conversation, relaxation, or introspection and then off to a great nights sleep.


    Meat and Potatoes

    8am Yoga Class

    9am Breakfast

    10am Make Your Own Edibles Session or CYA

    1pm Lunch

    2pm - 8pm Massage/Facials

    4pm Make Your Own Topicals Session or CYA

    7pm Dinner

    8pm Campfire Q & A

    Saturday will be full of classes and options to Choose Your Adventure (CYA) with shopping, medicated spa treatments, or hiking in the magical Sedona red rocks. You'll be safe to adventure out medicated and test the learning you'll get all weekend. We'll wind up our day with another chef-prepared dinner and an evening under the stars for some Q & A and treats. You'll be free to choose as many or few things to participate in as you'd like.


    Brunch and Aqua Fresca

    8am Dance Class/Massage/Facials

    10am Brunch

    12pm Check-Out

    Sunday you'll awake to the scent of hot coffee and have a little time to yoga, dance, spa, review your materials, chit-chat or pack up. We'll send you off after a scrumptious brunch feeling empowered to make informed decisions about your wellness and with a few goodies in your goodie bag to take home. If you stay in Sedona a little later, you're invited to a special VIP lunch at Hideaway House before you hit the road.

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  • Our Host

    Laura Mastropietro is a Cannabis Consultant/Advocate, Edible Chef and currently a restaurateur with her husband Steve. Managing a rare disease, exceptional family, interesting work and an introverted social butterfly life style Laura has found cannabis to be key to her quality of life. Laura believes that if people had clear, simple accurate information about the cannabis plant they could also find increased wellness for themselves.

    Laura Mastropietro

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