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The Flower Parts

The parts that matter...

The flower is the only part that matters to a cannabis patient.

We all had a biology class that taught us the parts of a flower.

The pistil, calyx, and trichomes are the most important parts of the cannabis flower bud to a patient, unless you're planning to grow your cannabis.

My husband and I were part of a volunteer group of 60 marijuana growers, and I loved, really loved, spending my days inside of the warehouse that held all the grower's individual growing tents.

Many of the pictures I have and use are from those days.

The pistil in the cannabis flower bud is the orange 'hair' you see in the dried product.

Although they do not specifically affect the potency or flavor of the strain, the pistils help catch the pollen from a male plant and are important in reproduction.

The calyx, easier to find on a fresh flower rather than the dried bud, is a small tear shaped gland that has a lot of trichomes.

Now trichomes are the ticket.

The trichomes are the reason we have scent and smell to cannabis.

Think of sap on a tree, or maple syrup if you're like me and your mind goes to a sweet sap, and you're close to what trichomes do.

It's a protector of the flower and where the cannabinoids and terpenes are released.

The more trichomes usually the flower bud will feel sticky, and some will leave a sticky residue on your fingers.

It's beautiful when you get a fresh plant covered with sparkling trichomes.

I wish I had the camera I have now back when we grew cannabis.

Photo shoots of the plant and its flowers are a favorite past time.

More fun than taking pictures is smelling the plants.

The scent and taste comes from the terpenes released from the trichomes.

Different strains will have a different smell because they have more or less of certain terpenes.

These are the 'essential oil' of cannabis.

We will go more into some of those, but that science is still new, and there are only about ten individually studied and over 200 still to be further researched.

Trichomes are also responsible for cannabinoids like THC and CBD, which are essential for the medicinal effects of cannabis. Again, so much research into these compounds in needed and there are at least 85 cannabinoids that we know of.

More to come on cannabinoids and terpenes next week.
That's a bit about the "parts" of the flower.

My hope is that it helps to know this because we talk next week about terpenes and cannabinoids and what they do.

Much Love!

Laura Mastropietro

I'm a cannabis consultant who helps people that want information about cannabis as a wellness option but don't know where to go for expert answers.

P.S. Need a customized solution?

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