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How to Make Cannabis Tincture at Home

Your wellness should be in your hands...

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Cannabis Tincture Recipe

  • To start you’ll need at least 7 grams of Cannabis and 14 liquid ounces of food grade glycerin.

It’s not worth making in smaller quantities (plus the quality will be affected), but you can definitely make it in larger quantities, just multiply the recipe as necessary for your needs.

TIP: You can adjust the strength of your tincture by changing the ratio of cannabis to glycerin, but I’ve found this 2 parts liquid glycerin to 1 part dry Cannabis ratio to be a nice strength when using a Cannabis with a 17% - 21% THC level.

Grind the Cannabis into a course powder before use for this recipe.

Ground Cannabis. No need for a fancy grinder,  just break it up with your fingers.

No need for a fancy grinder, just break it up with your fingers.

Here’s a link to purchase glycerin in bulk, but I've found it at natural food stores too.

Here’s a picture of the glycerin I purchase (I make a lot of tincture!)

Here’s a picture of the glycerin I purchase (I make a lot of tincture!)

  • Preheat oven to 215° F and line a cookie sheet with tin foil.Put glycerin in a sauce pan on low heat, uncovered. 
  • Place ground Cannabis on cookie sheet, (you can use toaster oven too) and Bake for 13 minutes in pre-heated oven. 
  • After baking, add Cannabis to warmed glycerin in sauce pan (still on low heat). Remember to handle everything carefully with oven mitts.
Add baked Cannabis to warm glycerin

Add baked Cannabis to warm glycerin

  • Monitor this slow cooking for four hours. I set my alarm to check it every 30 minutes

TIP: Turn the heat source off for 30 minutes if it seems to be getting too hot, then return to low heat. I use my instincts but if it seems to be evaporating or begins smoking on the surface, it's too hot. I keep it on low heat for four hours or so. It's not an exact science but this will produce a nice strength tincture.

  • Use a wire mesh strainer to strain plant matter. 
  • Store tincture in a mason jar in cool/dark/room temperature.  Remember to store it in a place safe from children, as with all medicine products.  

Strain plant matter, then allow to continue straining for up to 24 hours

Here’s a few ways I use my tincture:

A few drops of an Indica tincture in my peppermint tea about 30 minutes before I go to sleep.

A few drops of a Hybrid in the morning in my cappuccino to relieve pain and give me great energy.

A few drops of my Sativa blend in my drink at lunch with a friend. No one knows what my dropper holds and there’s no smell or strong flavor!

Now that you’ve made your first batch, I’d love to hear how you’re using it. Email me at: and let me know how it’s going for you.

Remember: when it comes to wellness, more is NOT always better.

I’ve found that when I take too large a dose at night, I end up waking more often.

If you do take too much though, and dislike the affect, remember to document how much you took so you won’t repeat the mistake, but then, just drink a glass of orange juice and relax somewhere you feel safe. Take a nap if you can.

The feelings will soon pass, and Cannabis is non-toxic, so there’s nothing to worry about.

I recommend a new tincture user stick with no more than ¼ teaspoon of tincture to start.

Wait two hours for it to reach its effective level in your body.

Re-dose as needed with at least two hours between doses.

Effects can last up to 8 hours.

Stay at the same dose for at least a week or two before you increase it.

This gives your body a chance to get used to it and it may surprise you to find one day, you only notice that you don’t feel anything – no pain, no discomfort, and no unwanted side effects.

If you want more thorough step-by-step directions for making tincture, Check out my video course: How to Make Cannabis Tincture at Home.

In it, you can follow me as I make a batch of my favorite tincture and I’ll give you all the tips and tricks for you to have a successful tincture-making process from the very first time.

I put my love into it and you’ll be the beneficiary.

Here’s to wellness for all!

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