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How Cannabis Tincture Absolutely Made My World Better

And why it might do the same for you.

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It's a gorgeous day. I got most of my little chores done and set up my traveling office in my trusty hammock in the shade to contemplate and write about Cannabis tinctures.

What are tinctures?

Cannabis tincture is an infused, edible liquid that allows convenient odorless transportation and use of my Cannabis for my wellness needs with little to no awareness of those around me.

For me, Cannabis tincture gives me the peace of mind that I can medicate as needed, regardless of the situation.

A little in the morning coffee, a little in the afternoon lemon tea or smoothie, and at night in that sleepy cup of tea.

I first learned about tinctures while studying how to make Cannabis infused edibles.

My husband and I volunteered to help with a Cannabis group, and one of my jobs was to make edibles for our patients.

We gave them away once a week to any patient who came by and each week I couldn't wait to hear everyone's feedback on my new creations.

I learned about butter and oils and used them in my baked goods, but they didn't work well in drinks.

To infuse something with cannabis, you must have a fat for the compounds to attach to - that's why you'll hear about pot butter so often.

The fats in the butter attach to the compounds in the Cannabis.

If you were to cook the marijuana in water the compounds would stay in the plant because water has no fat to pull them into.

The same holds true for infused oils. The process is very similar and the compounds are pulled from the plant into the fats of the oil.

Another method I learned about at the time was high proof alcohol, which also supports the infusion of the Cannabis compounds.

But I really don't want to drink shots of Everclear all day to get my medicine, so I had to find something the Cannabis could attach to that tasted fine when mixed with tea or juice - a little more my speed.

I finally discovered that vegetable food grade glycerin was a fantastic medium to infuse with Cannabis.

It's made from the oils of plants and is often used as the substitute for alcohol in herbal or botanical tinctures.

Glycerin is also metabolized differently than sugar and is reported to have a low glycemic index so it should not significantly affect blood sugar numbers.

So many edibles are sweet treats, so it was a bonus to have a way to consume edible Cannabis without needing to eat a brownie or candy to do so.

After a process of precooking the Cannabis in an oven and then slow cooking it in the glycerin, all the valuable compounds of the pot plant are transferred into the liquid.

The plant matter is strained out, and you have a shelf stable, mostly odor free cannabis tincture that can be added to any beverage easily.

Check out my Cannabis Tincture Recipe here and don't miss your chance to download the hard copy.

I have three jars, each of a different type of tincture, in the house at all times.

I may not use them every day, but they last forever, so its nice to have the options available.

I have a Sativa for mornings, Hybrid for afternoons and Indica for night time.

So what the heck do I do with Cannabis tincture?

My number one use is my nightly tea.

Every night about 30 minutes before the head hits the pillow I have my cup of tea with a teaspoon of tincture. My husband says it has a sweet taste.

I’m a bit of a sugar fiend, so I'm not the one to ask about that.

It's taken us some time to find the right strains, dosage and tincture strength, but now that we have I can state with out any hestitations that we sleep our eight hours a night easily.

We wake up refreshed and ready for the day, with no groggy feeling.

I use the other types of daytime strains mostly on an as-needed basis.

Many times I have professional or social situations where vaping or smoking Cannabis is not an option.

But just because it's not a social option doesn't mean that my pain control can be dismissed.

I still need to keep that pain and nausea in check or my day will be lost.

Maybe the family is in town for an overnight visit, or we traveled to a hotel for the night, or we have a long day running around.

I keep a bottle of tincture with me for those times and a few drops in my beverages throughout the day keeps my pain in check and eliminates the need for smoking.

I attend a lot of ‘fancy’ events, and most of those include cocktail hour. I don't drink so I get a nice fresh juice in a pretty glass and add my tincture.

I don't get the ‘buzz’ the cocktail drinkers may get, but it keeps me comfortable and feeling like I am celebrating with the group.

However you choose to use tinctures as part of your wellness routines, I think you'll agree that it's a great option for your wellness toolkit.

Much Love!

Laura Mastropietro

I'm a cannabis consultant who helps people that want information about cannabis as a wellness option but don't know where to go for expert answers. I offer those answers and confidential support tailored to their personal needs.

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