Let's talk about being high, does anyone know what that really means? 

Then again, isn't it usually more about NOT being high?

When I first talked to my husband about using cannabis for his chronic pain his biggest concern was being "high". 

So I asked him, "What does high mean to you? What do you think that looks like?". 

His description of what high meant to him did not match my experience of using cannabis. 

He thought it was like being drunk or taking medications that would/could alter his awareness or consciousness. 

He also stated that he did not want to be "out of control".

I explained to him that in my experience the dosage and the results of that dosage were very controllable, and that I had never experienced any sensations that made me feel out of control. 

He ultimately tried cannabis; he prefers tinctures and an occasional edible, and he has never had any uncomfortable or unwanted side effects. 

He found he doesn't prefer the strains that are more on the awake side and... 

I'll admit that maybe once or twice, when I was learning to cook with cannabis, he might've been my test dummy and slept for an exceptionally long time. 

But he woke up bright eyed and chipper! *Wink wink*

So "high", "stoned", "baked", "couch lock", or my preferred term "lifted", are all terms often used for a person who has consumed cannabis.

Trust me, I've heard it all. I've been out of the pot closet for many years so I expose myself to all the comments about "stoner move" or "maybe you shouldn't have smoked pot before you did that".

But honestly, I don't trip over or drop stuff more than anyone else.

I do dumb stuff, then the stoner comment is made and my response is usually "so what's everyone else's excuse?".

I'm proud to be a successful woman.

I use cannabis and if you didn't know before hand, you'd never know.

Everyone gets a payoff from what they do.

Whether it be running and a runners high, coffee in the mornings to get that boost to conquer your day, or yoga to soothe the systems.

Cannabis can have a euphoric side effect.

I don't know why that is a bad thing.

I just don't.

Coffee can give you the jitters if you drink to much.

Cannabis can make you jittery if you consume to much.

People get very worked up about the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

Usually it's just fear.

Just like my husband the fear is of losing control.

Let's face it, that's a big fear in general about everything.

I think it's the fear in legalization.

But it's just a plant.

So I guess the big question is, can you use cannabis without having unwanted side effects?

And the answer is absolutely yes! 

The more I learn, it seems that an ideal dose is actually not perceptible to most people.

For example, my preferred method for medicating is inhalation.

The effects of inhalation are usually felt right away, therefore making it easiest for me to control.

The effects of inhalation don't last as long, so I take a puff or two of cannabis, go about by business and can repeat this throughout the day as needed to get the same ongoing medicinal effects without ever feeling "high".

At night I drink a tea made with an Indica strain that helps induce a calm and relaxing sleep.

Not everyone has the ability to follow this type of routine but the dosage and route of administration can be adjusted to fit any routine.

By choosing the right strain, administered in the proper manner (for you) and in the correct dosage, we can all find relief of symptoms without negative or unwanted side effects.

Cannabis for wellness and not intoxication is always the goal.

The good news is that if you accidentally consume an amount that makes you feel intoxicated, this sensation usually doesn't last very long and won't cause you any harm.

A large dose of vitamin C in the form of Juice or those dissolving tablets with vitamins and extra C you get for airplane trips are a great option to help alleviate some of the discomfort.

Take a nap or clean a closet, this WILL pass.

Fear only makes it worse.

I do believe that with proper education and some guidance, you'll be able to find the right dose for you and the right way to consume it.

Then you can find out for yourself the improved quality life you can have using cannabis as a wellness option.

I can answer your specific questions and help you with these fears, concerns and questions.

Even if you try this on your own with some trial and error, you're working with a non toxic plant.

It may take you longer to get there, but it's a perfectly safe road to travel.

Join us on Facebook for a private conversation about cannabis. It's a "secret" group so you'll have to request admission, but once you're in, no one from the outside can see that you're in the group or what we talk about. It's a safe space to ask questions and find people that can relate.

Much Love!

Laura Mastropietro

I have a passion for the cannabis plant and have grown cannabis, run a dispensary kitchen, counseled patients, completed regulatory documentation and generally found a way to function in this world by using this medicinal plant to treat my complicated medical issues. Now, I hope to assist you in finding your own path to a better quality of life with cannabis. Join me for a conversation about cannabis!

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