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A Mother Daughter Duo Ready to Help You Navigate the new wild west

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Hi! I'm Laura Mastropietro

My family all knows now how I treat my pain and other neurological symptoms. I am what they call “Out of the green closet”.

I speak openly with whoever will listen about the healing benefits of the cannabis plant and the harmful effects of prohibition. My favorites are the older conservative men who you’d think you could never get to talk openly on the topic and usually they agree that prohibition is ridiculous by the time we are done talking.

Once upon a time I was a full time employee, mother of two, step mom of 5, grandma of 6 (at the time) with an active busy life. It all changed when I was misdiagnosed with a brain tumor, hospitalized, then sent home to await brain surgery.

I was pumped full of Dilantin and basically required a babysitter around the clock for three weeks.

That’s when we found out there was no brain tumor.

Long story short, I never got well after the dilantin and it took five years, multiple incidents of random paralyzation, blindness and incredible pain before we diagnosed the culprit and began treatment.

I have a rare disease called Porphyria, and the Dilantin triggered it from a dormant state to an active one.

Once we figured it out, confirmed it through multiple additional tests via the Mayo Clinic, I started treatment.

The problem is that medications of all kinds aggravate my condition.

I needed symptom relief but my medications were making me more ill than the disease on its own.

I couldn't live with the pain - Google the pain associated with my diagnosis. It’s extreme.

Now, here we are 15 years later and I take no pharmaceutical medications other than my IV treatment for the disease itself, but it contains no pain medication of any kind.

At one time I took Demerol four times daily.

I knew Marijuana was a gentle mood elevator and helped me focus in the past, but until I studied the plant, I was unaware it was the answer to pretty much all my symptoms.

I credit it with saving my life.

After having various cannabis industry adventures, which I will share with you over the course of our getting to know each other, I have decided that the best way for me to share my travels, adventures and information about using cannabis to heal your life, would be right here.

This is a place to share my incredibly positive outcomes, the latest info on legalization efforts and medical breakthroughs and to get you the help and knowledge you need to find the same relief in your life.

I have asked my lovely and knowledgable daughter Kelly Mahoney to join me on the ride and assist me in helping you achieve the same positive outcomes with the cannabis plant as we both have. She’ll tell you a little about herself now.

My Daughter Kelly

Cannabis wasn't something we spent a lot of time talking about while I was growing up.

It wasn't a topic we avoided, and I was of course aware of its illegality at the time, but I remained relatively unaware of the intricacies of cannabis and it's uses until my first experience with it.

I had been exposed to the demonization of cannabis and the generalizations about its users through local and national media, school programs, and the opinions of others, but being able to form my own opinion based on my own experience is something I've always valued.

I did just that and I can say, after ten years of cannabis use, my opinion has only gotten better.

When I was two years old, I was diagnosed with A-Typical Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a form of Muscular Dystrophy, that causes continual muscle degeneration as well as constant pain.

There is no treatment, outside of physical and occupational therapies to try and slow the progression and make life a little more comfortable.

As far as my diagnosis goes, I am very lucky.

I'm still walking, which was not expected, and I live, for the most part, independently.

I credit a huge part of my ability to do this to cannabis, as it’s the only form of medication that I consistently use to manage the pain (and sometimes anxiety) associated with my SMA.

For years I was a cannabis user without being aware of the benefits, and I honestly believe that finding it when I did saved me a world of pain and trouble.

As the medical marijuana movement gained momentum, Laura, my beautiful and brilliant mother, asked me to join the party.

I was hired on at the MMJ cooperative she was a part of and began assisting patients with everything from applying for their patient card to picking out the best strain of medication for their condition.

Before long, we were essentially running our own office and assisting upwards of 350 patients.

Through that entire, unreal, amazing experience, we learned.

We learned all about cannabis, of course, but we also learned about people.

We met some incredible people whose lives were changed for the better by cannabis, and that, I believe, is what drives us to continue this work.

We’re driven to provide safe place for people who have never experienced cannabis, or never experienced it in a medicinal context.

We’re driven to provide a safe place for questions that you may have never needed or thought to ask before you considered cannabis.

We’re driven to providing a safe place for you to decide if cannabis is something that may be able to change your life for the better too, and we’re so happy you’re here.

So, why Pot of Wellness?

We've helped thousands of people through the process of using cannabis for wellness from helping grow plants (when it was legal!) for 350+ people who couldn't otherwise get their medicine to teaching people how to create variations of the medicine at home to fit their exact needs.

Now, we want to expand our reach and get our knowledge out there into more hands with all the discretion needed to make it a win for everyone.

We truly believe that cannabis is an option that would help most people with medical conditions because of the science behind how it works and the subsequent evidence we've seen, learned and experienced.

Even though there is still a huge legal battle to be won to open access to this vital plant, we're committed to being at the forefront of the process until we win.

However, we also have been integrated members of a career-driven society and understand the stereotypes and judgements that still hover around cannabis use.

If you want a more customized, personal experience, we encourage you to visit to schedule a consultation so we can talk about your specific situation.

Laura Mastropietro

Kelly Mahoney

The dynamic mother daughter duo who share a passion for the cannabis plant and together have grown cannabis, counseled patients, completed regulatory documentation and generally found a way to function in this world by using this medicinal plant to treat our complicated medical issues. Together we hope to assist you in finding your own path to a better quality of life with cannabis. Join us weekly for a conversation about cannabis!

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